2021: Ashokan Pumped Storage Project

In April of 2021, the Coalition to Save the Catskill Preserve helped organize the communities of three valleys in the Catskills against a pumped storage reservoir. The project proposed a several hundred acre reservoir which would have flooded valleys in the NY state’s constitutionally-protected forest preserve, and displaced hundreds of residents. The pages below serve as an archive to our organizing efforts:

  • Take Action identified how to submit comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • The Proposal outlined the details of the pumped storage project and its effects on the environment.
  • What’s at Stake highlighted different protections already in place in the Catskill Forest, and the numerous dangers pumped storage reservoirs pose to wildlife and water turbidity
  • Research Library compiles information sorted by these themes: Rights of Nature, Related research, Science and Engineering, Sample letters/templated (used during the FERC comment period), Cultural Historical Perspectives, and local Archeologist, Dr. April Beisaw’s work.
Video covering the Ashokan Project by Larry Fessenden

Thanks to all the members of the coalition for the help in spreading awareness and stopping this project. And a HUGE thanks to these incredible organizations and individuals for joining us in opposition: