In the Spring of 2021, we helped stop a devastating proposal to build a massive dam, reservoir, and hydro-electric power plant within the Catskill Forest Preserve.

Why we fought the proposal

While hydro-electric power represents an important piece of our country’s green-energy future, Premium Energy LLC’s proposal was deeply flawed.

Proposal Red Flags:

Environmental Devastation
The project site is inside of Catskill Forest Preserve, and would destroy highly preserved forests, wildlife, and stream ecology.

Risks to Water Supply
The project would increase turbidity and pollution in the protected Ashokan Reservoir, which supplies 40% of NYC’s drinking water.

Community Displacement
Private property would be taken by eminent domain—a process that already displaced thousands in this area when the Ashokan Reservoir was built.

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Our Mission

The Coalition to Save the Catskill Preserve is a network formed in 2021 dedicated to protecting The Catskill Forest Preserve. We are united by our devotion to the environment, wildlife, recreation, and cultural heritage that’s unique to this region, and by our mission to protect the ecology and history of Catskills Forest Preserve from misguided and inappropriate exploitation of our natural resources. We became a New York State association in 2022 and adopted a set of bylaws in 2023.

Thanks to these incredible organizations for their support in stopping the March 2021 proposal by Premium Energy: