Hudson Valley 360: Reservoir proposal called ‘devastating’

Two quotes from this article:

DEP was unaware of the proposal until recently, Director of Public Affairs Adam Bosch said.

Adam Bosch, Public affairs director for NYC water supply

We were made aware of it last month when the Ulster County Planning Department sent us the FERC filings in an email,” Bosch said, referring to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. “We are currently working on a comprehensive set of comments that we intend to file with FERC in approximately 10 days. Those comments will be based on sound science and engineering, and they will focus on our need to operate, protect and maintain New York City’s reservoirs for more than 9 million people who rely on them every day.”

State Sen. Michelle Hinchey, D-46, voiced her opposition to the project Friday.

When my office became aware of this proposal we immediately reached out to local stakeholders and we are in full agreement that this project would have absolutely unacceptable ecological, economic and quality-of-life impacts on our communities… while we support the move toward more sustainable and renewable energy sources, this project runs counter to our stewardship efforts and would put our environment and our drinking water at risk. We will do everything we can to make sure that this project does not come to fruition.”

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