Eminent Domain in NY State

What follows is research on how eminent domain works and unique aspects of how this process functions in New York State:

Eminent Domain is an historic process by which typically government entities seize private land or property for “Public Use”. Information on the history and basic concepts of eminent domain and public use can be found here: https://www.condemnation-law.com/eminent-domain/#2-what-is-public-use
Some basic questions and answers from the NYS Attorney General’s Office:


And more on the process:


In the state of New York, the eminent domain process can only be stopped if the proposed taking does not meet the requirements for public purpose or public necessity. If you have determined that the proposed taking does meet these requirements, then you should learn more about the New York eminent domain process.

In the Delaware river basin, the multi-state (Delaware, NJ, NY, Commonwealth of PA and US Gov’t.) Delaware River Basin Compact and its amendments reach across state borders. The Compact defines ‘public use’ regarding a wide range of water use projects and has broad jurisdiction over any such projects.


For over a century New York City has played an important role in land use within the Catskill Preserve. The following provides some history and context to NYC’s previous and current activities in the region, and a summary of a Memorandum of Understanding between NY State DEC and NYC DEP’s current Land Acquisition Program.

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